January 13, 2020
LÖK ZINE #12 “GEN(DER)RE / GENERE” PREORDER (shipping from the 1st of November 2020)
August 18, 2020

Veicoli Fantastici


Veicoli Fantastici
is an illustrated album featuring works by Steven M. Johnson
and other authors, which are inspired by the concept
of alternative transport.
The authors involved come from various creative fields:
illustration, comics, graphic design.
A collection of delicious, impossible, and provocative means of transport.
A project that speaks of movement, ecology, but with an ironic approach.

Artworks by:
Lucia Calfapietra, Elisa Caroli, Adam Tempesta, Jutea,

Ovo atelier d’architecture (Gabriele Guastella),
Giusy Gallizia, Giorgia Casetti, Sarah Mazzetti,

Giorgia Marras, Steven M. Johnson, Nicolò Giacomin,
Matteo Signorelli, Sovrappensiero studio, Irene Servillo.

A4 size, printed CMYK on Favini Crush Uva 350gr for the cover and Favini Shiro Tree Free 200gr for the internal pages. Sewn binding . 48 pages .
This book was published thanks to FIP award organized by Fruit exhibition and Favini papers. Thanks to the support and the beautiful print by Printaly.
Read about the prize
the launching video HERE

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